Laura was awarded a Fresh Talent Residency hosted at the British Ceramics Biennial Studio, Spode Works for her collection shown in Fresh at the 2019 Festival. Her residency was completed in 2021 and the resulting collection is currently on display at The Burton Gallery, Bideford as part of thier exhibition 'Breaking with Traditions''.

"Making in my hometown of Stoke-on-Trent, I draw from the creative heritage and ambition of the pioneering potters who made the city famous. Enabled by this residency to delve deeper, I seek to echo the grandeur I have long admired. I am reimagining iconic forms, stripping back the decoration to reveal contemporary designs that connect to a new audience.


Exploring the identity and culture of place and referencing Stoke’s past present and future, through the Spode Site. The industrious presence of the china hall, with its worn walkways still visible to the keen eye. The flora and fauna growing from buildings are a beautiful and poignant reminder of the challenges that have faced the ceramics industry in recent years. Yet the site is finding new life as a catalyst for regeneration and home for contemporary ceramics. I see Stoke’s identity as entwined with craftsmanship, skill and with innovation at the heart of its success."